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Cherkizovo Group announces that it launches a unique product on the market – chilled poultry in oven bags.

New product range of "Petelino" TH is a unique offer for customers who value their time and prefer tasty and natural home food. Petelino semi-finished goods for baking combine a unique recipe, excellent taste and an attractive price.

The product is easy to cook. The oven bag, resistant to a high temperature, replaces a form for cooking in an oven very well. Remove a label from the bag, pierce the bag in several places, put it in the oven and bake at the temperature of about 180°С during 40-50 minutes until it is ready.

New range of semi-finished products for baking includes three products. Each of them is a tender meat of Petelino chickens with a delicious spices and sauces. "A poultry fillet po-derevenski in a cream sauce with greenery" is a classic recipe for gourmands. "Chicken ham in a barbecue maple sauce" is a signature recipe from "Petelinka" and a great combination for those who like original recipes. A unique taste recipe was created by specialist of technological service of "Mosselprom", which is a part of Cherkizovo Group.

One of the unique products of a new line is "Chicken wing in hot spices in Texan style". In opinion of product developers, a new hot taste will be appreciated by admirers of American cuisine and beer-lovers.

According to Robert Lisovets, Marketing director of the Poultry Division, a new range of products for baking became a hit on the Russian market. "Customers got interested in our offer". Products in oven bags meet not only gastronomical requirements of modern women but also save their time. New products from "Petelinka" will make families happy for sure by tasty poultry dishes.


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