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Company history

  • 1998

    "Petelino" Trading House was established in 1998 at the initiative of the Mikhailovskiy Agro-Industrial Complex, as a channel of a direct distribution in a segment of poultry meat.

  • 2002

    Growth of demand for products, supplied by "Petelino" Trading House” LLC, was a reason for implementation of the large-scale investment programs to increase facilities of poultry growing and processing in the Holding Companies. A substantial part of money was directed to improve a technology of slaughter, evisceration and cooling of a carcass and as a result to bring these processes to the world level.

  • 2006

    Due to the above mentioned implemented transformations it was possible to ensure compliance with sanitary and technological norms in the process of goods production, which guarantees preservation, high quality, freshness and safety at use of chilled products.

  • 2010

    "Petelino" Trading House has been specializing in chilled and frozen poultry supply within the territory of Russia for already 12 years, and the key target of the Trading House is to provide customers with domestic poultry of high quality. Brand portfolio of "Petelino" TH includes four main trademarks in different price categories: "Petelinka", "Domashnyaya Kurochka", "Kurinoye Tsarstvo" and "Vasilevka".

  • 2013

    There are federal and local chains, retail, large distributors and meat processing enterprises among main partners of Trading House. High quality of products, brand awareness on the market, clear allocation of distribution channels and automated logistics system, intelligent management structure and innovative approach to business development enable "Petelino" Trading House to keep a leading position in the segment of chilled poultry.



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