LISKo Broiler Ltd.

LISKo Broiler Ltd. is a young modern poultry production enterprise. It produces ecologically harmless products using innovative technologies.

It has been a member of Cherkizovo Group of Companies since 2014.

LISKo Broiler Ltd. is the only large poultry producer in Voronezh region. The poultry is fattened with the own ecologically harmless feeds made of the raw materials supplied by a number of large farms of Voronezh region. All processes from incubation to slaughtering and recycling are maximum automated. There is modern high-tech equipment at all sites.

Broiler chicken meat produced by LISKo Broiler Ltd. is ecologically harmless and meets the European quality standards that was proved by various examinations and participation in exhibitions. LISKo Broiler Ltd. also produces broiler chicken products according to the Halal standard.

LISKo Broiler Ltd. has a lot of awards including those of international exhibitions.



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