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Poultry customers prefer products of Cherkizovo Group.

According to studying results carried out this year by "SkanMarket" Marketing Agency, there is a strong leader – "Petelinka" trademark at chilled poultry market of Moscow.

It is followed by its nearest competitor with a large gap.

Valeriy Chepikov, an analyst of "SkanMarket" Marketing Agency suggests that a leadership of "Petelinka" resulted from a high quality of products which is achieved by means of innovative technologies and a strict control at all stages of the cycle: from production of fodder and eggs incubation up to chicken growing and selling of ready products. An important role belongs to Cherkizovo specialists who work hard on product quality at each stage of its production: while growing poultry the best crosses are chosen and the fodder recipes are formed thoroughly with a corn as a basis. Poultry is grown in a free space, without cages. And due to well-functioning logistics scheme, products are delivered directly to the retails chains mainly during 5-7 hours after poultries’ slaughter.

Amongst 810 people, who took part in the studying, there is a high share of customers who are committed to "Petelinka" trademark – in particular this share makes 46%.

Regular marketing and advertisement activities enable to increase customers brand awareness of "Petelinka" trademark.

While commenting the studying results, Aleksander Kostikov, Director of Communications and Investor Relationships, explained that "Petelinka" rademark is a leader on the Russian market because it always offers its customers high quality meat products. As he says, more than ten thousand people work daily on the company facilities to provide shelves of retail chains of Moscow and Moscow region with chilled poultry of Cherkizovo Group. Poultry farms are placed in close proximity to Moscow, in ecologically friendly areas: Odintsovo and Domodedovo regions of Moscow. And due to some factors, which include effective marketing strategy and high social responsibility of Cherkizovo Group, customers in Moscow can enjoy tasty and fresh product of a high quality.


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